Screencast Panel Outline
I. Intros of speakers (5 minutes)

II. Audience – What are you here to learn? (10 minutes)

III. Screencast Primer:
a. What/definition
b. Why they are powerful training aids
c. Examples
Creative Communication of Concept or Idea
As A Welcome To A Web Site or Blog
To Share Tacit/Expert Knowledge Around Using A Software Program
How To Use A Piece of Software - Creative Treatment
How To Use A Piece of Software - Step-By-Step
d. Two Metaphors
Hollywood: Create, Shoot, and Produce A Movie
Home Movies: To Document Something
e. Some easy projects to get started ...
Record Your Powerpoint Presentation
1-2-3 Steps

IV. A Formal Process
a. Content
-learning goals
Thinking Backwards First - Who Is Audience? It helps with what you are going to say and how
Helps you figure what you do and do not have to say
Level of being specific

-Keep it Simple, Say What You Mean
-Telling it to show

Showing - what is the visual you are going to show
Technique: take a piece of paper - two-column - images/script - example
Good for an approval process with a third party

b. Organizing for Production
-gathering your materials - visuals, video clips, etc
-setting up your scenes

c. Let's Make a Movie of Your Computer Screen!

- The tools
-Video capture software
-Video editing and prodsoftware
- Shooting Your Scene
- Recording Narration

- The tools
-Video capture software
-Video editing and prodsoftware
- Shooting Your Scene
- Recording Narration

e. Editing
-editing as you shoot -- styles - concise as you shoot or shoot a lot and edited later
-Analogy to writing - stream of consciousness versus edit as you go
-you get an eye for editing - simultaneously
-two stage approach -- rough cut and fine cut - really polished

f. Production
Compression, File Formats - in a simple way
Give and take - trade offs - quality versus size

g. Hosting
-Show a few hosts

IV. Demonstration of the process
How To Change The Player Size on YouTube

V. Tips and Quick and Dirty Tricks

Practice, Practice, Practice - How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?
Shortcuts: Being Organized
Repurposing of Media - if you've captured it once, save it in place where you can access it and use it again
Concept of a wiki a pool of knowledge
Fundamental Library Science Skills are good - how you name your files, folders, backups, etc.- a system that works for you.