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Print Version of the Screencasting Primer from Idealware
Screencasting Primer

Basic Introduction

What is Screencasting
by Jon Udell (12/05)
Good primer and introduction based on Camtasia

A Movie in Your Monitor
by Jeremy Wagstaff
Wall Street Journal

Screencast Tutorial from pesdtech

Screencasting Communities and Blogs

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Why Storyboard Your Screencast?
by Betsy Weber, 11/06
Tells you why storyboarding is important and some tips for doing it

from Gena Hasket, BlogHer 07

Why Bad Presentations Happen To Good Causes
by Andy Goodman
While the advice is for powerpoint presentations, much of it also applies to screencasting.

How To Use A Moleskin for Your Storyboard
A video showing how a moleskin can be used for a storyboard

Do you need detailed step-by-step instructions to accompany your screencast?
by Leigh Blackall, 11/06
If you are creating a screencast for newbies, than you might need to create supplementary materaisl. This blog post describes a tool and technique.

Current TV: Storytelling Tutorial
While it describes video storytelling from a journalistic perpsective, many of concepts apply to good screencasting.

Screencast Production and Editing Techniques

Tips for Improving Your Screencasting Technique by Torley - Mashable

Screencasting Strategies
by Jon Udell (06/05)
Describes his process for writing a script, thinking in scenes, and narrations

Heavy Metal Umlaut: The Making of the Movie
by Jon Udell (02/05)
Describes his production process using Camtasia

Some Easy Ways to Get Started: Record PowerPoint
TechSmith Blog, 12/06
Describes an easy method to get started

Screencasting Tips and Tricks
Ten Useful Tips for the Production and Editing Process
The site also has lots of resources not found elsewhere

The Fundamentals of Screen Recording (from TechSmith)
While focused on Camtasia, contains useful tips, techniques, and definitions of file size, compression, and streaming media.

Interview with Jon Udell by Robin Good

A Few Tips for Improving Screencast Quality by Sue Waters

Using Camtasia To Make Screencasts by Sue Waters

Screencasting Tools

Micro Screencasting

Screencasting Tools Reviewed by Robin Good

Screencasting Studios/Suits
Camtasia (most people on windows use about $300)
(review here) (free online tutorials here and here)
SnagIt (think Camtasia light) guide here
Screencasting 101 for Camtasia 4 - Screencast Tutorials
How To Create A Screencast by Leigh Blackall
Captivate (very expensive)
OpenSource Video Capture tools - article by James Davis

Jing Project - must use tool from TechSmith and it's free!

From a screencasting session done at Atlanta Podcamp on Screencasting by Patrick Fitzgerald
Must see the one-minute definition of screencasting here.


BB Flashback via this comment on my blog
CamStudio (PC) (OS) (Screencast tutorial here)
Wink (PC) (OS)
Question: Which free screen capture should I use?
Five Tools for Capturing Google Hangouts


Adobe Preimere Elements
Sony Vegas (Some tutorials here)

Snapz (Screen capture)
Final Cut Pro (video editing)
A roundup of screencapture tools for the Mac
Capture a Screencast With Mac
IshowU (Ten Minute Lesson Audio Podcast here)
Shiney White Box
Screencasts that Rock- -- ScreenFlow
More recommendations and reviews
NGO-In-A-Box: Capture, Editing and Post Production Tools (Mac tools)
VoxMedia Screencast Tools List
Definitive List of Screencasting Tools
Comparison of 3 Key Tools
Kino - FOSS Video Editing Software
List of Screencasting Tools by Larry Kless

USB microphone.

Video Hosting

VideoBlogging Community's Video Host Comparison Chart
Robin Good's Where to Share Your Video Clips Online
Screencasting: Online Video Sharing Hosting Sites Compared Part 1
Screencasting: Online Video Sharing Hosting Sites Compared Part 2
DVGuru - Ten Video Sharing Services Compared

Beth's screencasts and instructional media can be found here.

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