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Screen Casts Rock: Who's Rocking Them - August, 2008


Two sites that have excellent collections of software tutorials:

1. Tips Screencast: How To Use Skype

The absolute state of the art in screencasting tutorials is "FreeVlog" Not only will you learn how to video blog, but you will come away with some great ideas for your own screencasts.

MIchael Pick's excellent portfolio of screencasts!

A Digg screencast by Paul Neilson - excellent work.

from Cool Cat Teacher Blog
Made with screencapture program and edited in MovieMaker


2. Getting the most of YouTube by Bill Myers
An introduction to using YouTube. Also distributed on YouTube

3. Flickr Screencasts: Exploring the Map and Geo Tags and You

4. A collection of Tips Screencasts: The 7 Best Wordpress Hacks

5. A Straight Forward Software Tutorial: Google Blog Search To RSS Feed
Made with Wink, a free PC video capture program

6. A Collection of Screencasts: Using OpenOffice:
Straight forward step-by-step screencasts for common procedures

7. Foxy Tunes Screencast - A Very Creative Approach - Looks Like A Music Video
Made with in mac.

8. Screencasts for Open Source Software

2- Web Project Orientations or Software Demonstrations

1. Designing Inward Out blog has an audio welcome that describes the features on the blog and feels much like a screencast.

2. Steve Cliff's Screencast Orientation to the Voter's Voice Project

3. Swarm Teams Screencast Introducing Features

3-Powerpoint With Audio

1. Who's The Dick On Your Site? Identity 2.0

Shot at a conference with a video camera

2. Example of A Key Note Released As Screencast - To Get Feedback

Uses a software program called articulate. The screencast is about co-creation.

4- Concept Screencasts

1. The Machine Is Us/ing Us describes Web2.0 concepts in less than 5 minutes.

external image 260004685_8d78d77db0_m.jpg

2. My screencast about Tagging

5- Knowledge Capture

1. Example of Frequently Asked Procedure Screencast

2. Entire Project documentation, including workflow screencasts

3. Example of sharing tacit expert knowledge
Jon Udell's How To Edit an Audio Podcast and the Tagging Feature in the Visita Photo Gallery .

6- Beta Testing

1. Remote Beta Test of Social Source Commons

7-For Public Speaking

Jon Udell writes about this here
Stephen Downes has an example

Want to explore more screencasts: