My Tests for Screenrecording Via Ready/Talk

My description of what I learned about the screencasting and some questions
Jon Udell answers the questions I had about this approach to screencasting.

The Experiment Questions/Notes

  • Is editing seperate audio/screencapture files and synching them up - does that produce better audio quality?
  • How time consuming is this editing process (using camtasia) and is the time versus audio quality worth the trade off?
  • How complicated is the synching?

Option 1: Record the Playback SWF in Camtasia

1. Call in to Ready/Talk and Log into the Web Conference
2. Share Applications
3. Start a screen/audio recording (*2 start *2 stop wait for the verbal prompt - press 1)
4. When the voice says, your conference is being recording. Wait at least 15-20 seconds or you won't have the full screen recorded. This can be choppped out later.
5. Do an intro to signal the start of recording
6. Download and unzip recording
7. Play back locally and record in Camtasia while doing it
8. Pull file in Camtasia to edit.

Must be very careful with naming files so you know what you've recorded.

  • original audio quality from phone recording is acceptable, but sounds like you're in a bathroom.
  • camtasia window size recording can't exceed 1024 x 768 - so plan out what part of screen you need. This may be tricky with remote recording of screen
  • video and audio in one file - easier to edit than just grabbing the screencapture with no audio and using the mp3 file from Ready/Talk
  • spoke with TechSmith tech support - there isn't another conferencing system that produces a standard wmv output and there isn't a way to translate the .swf file into a file format that can be imported into TechSmith.

Option 2: Record in Camtasia Live As It Happens

1. Call in to Ready/Talk and Log into Web Conference
2. Set up Camtasia screen capture, no audio (screen size 1024 x 768) F9 to start F9 Pause screen
3. Start a screen/audio recording in Ready/Talk by pressing *2 wait for the verbal prompt to press 1
4. When the lady says "your conference is being recorded" start camtasia screen capture by pressing (F9)
5. Download mp3 file from Ready/Talk and import screencapture into Camtasia (most recent file on the top)
6. Edit audio/video tracks in Camtasia

Unless you have this expensive device to record from phone to computer live - need to import the mp3 file and edit audio/screen seperately. If extensive editing is needed, it was not an efficient process.

Trade off between sound quality and efficient production process.

I will test both these options and produce a 30 second screencast of both to figure out which one works best.